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29 Marylebone Road

We have been given the rare opportunity to recommit to our founding principle, to provide pioneering education to all, via the transformation of 29 Marylebone Road. The redevelopment is set to be the most ambitious undertaking in the University’s recent history, becoming a place where students, researchers and businesses can co-exist to mutually upskill and develop, invigorating London’s revival from the past 18 months. Read more

Care leavers, estranged students and young carers

Leaving the security of the family home or the familiarity of school can be a daunting time for any student. The financial commitments of a university education are also well documented, but for those who have been through local authority care or have become estranged from their families, the financial and emotional pressures are often greater. Currently, just 13% of students who have left the care system go on to higher education. Read more

Hardship Fund

Studying at University places a financial strain on most students but for some this burden can be even greater. The reality of coping with this might mean working long unsociable hours in part time jobs, reducing – or even totally prohibiting – their ability to wholeheartedly commit to their University experience. Read more

Prisons Project

In prison, there is a lack of incentivised options to challenge and change attitudes and beliefs about education. The emphasis on employability skills is at a very basic level, with a focus on minimum wage jobs. Those who are capable of achieving more are not catered for and are discouraged from applying by the barriers to study, lack of study support and digital access to study materials. Read more

Regency Seniors

London is one of the world’s most loved and connected cities. It can also be a very lonely place, especially for vulnerable groups who may not have the social capital or connections to enjoy all the city has to offer. Read more


So many talented potential students miss out on a University education, simply because they do not have the funds to support the costs associated with tuition and living. For international students, or for those balancing family or work commitments alongside their studies, the pressures can be even greater. Read more

Soho Poly Theatre

The Soho Poly is one of the last-surviving post-war fringe and alternative theatre venues. A seminal theatre space from 1972, it also has an earlier and equally fascinating musical and cultural history. This restoration will celebrate the past and engage the future of the space. Read more

The 125 Fund

The 125 Fund is a matched funding opportunity which gives all students at the University of Westminster the opportunity to apply for funding for projects and activities which enhance their employability and professional development. Read more

Westminster Working Cultures

We are fortunate to live in a time when overseas travel has become a relatively accessible and normal part of everyday life. More than ever, students need to prove that they are globally engaged to give them a distinctive edge in today’s competitive job market. For many students however, being able to take advantage of learning opportunities abroad is an increasingly difficult prospect alongside affording other costs associated with their University education. Read more