The fund has changed more than just its name – we are also increasing the number of application rounds so more students can benefit in the current climate.

At a time when students are having to worry about day-to-day costs more than ever, resulting in distractions from their studies and impacts on their mental health, there is a real risk of students derailing their future careers before they have even begun. The Ignite Fund is key to making sure students can keep their educational dream alight and realise their potential

One student, Yasmine, wrote:

“Thanks to the funding covering the main equipment costs, I was able to focus on my project and studies which allowed me to pass my second year with an A+ on all modules and become a high achiever in Fashion Business Management. The award was also mentioned on my CV and allowed me to showcase my motivation and passion for fashion to potential employers as I received three competitive offers and decided to start my career at the fashion retailer As Seen On Screen (ASOS). I believe this experience will definitely provide me with the knowledge and confidence to run a business and understand the challenges that come with being a fashion entrepreneur.”

A recent report by the National Union of Students (NUS) shows that around half of students believe they will need to cut back spending on food, heating and transport this year, making it extremely difficult to pursue additional opportunities to enhance their employability, which cost money.

Since 2016, through the support of our kind and generous alumni, in addition to the generously matched funding provided by the Quintin Hogg Trust, we have supported over 700 students with opportunities which would not have been possible otherwise. Whether it is starting a business, purchasing expensive equipment or gaining an extra certificate or accreditation in an in-demand skill, none of these opportunities would have happened without the generous support from our community.

In April 2022, nearly £70,000 of funds raised was awarded to 85 students, giving them a unique opportunity to develop their skills and enhance their CVs. However, with well over 300 applications received for funds totalling £360,000, there is still a lot of work to be done.

As a community, pulling together and doing our part where we are financially able to, we can ensure that no students are left behind, and that they have access to opportunities today which will help them to become the global citizens of tomorrow.

Please show your support and help Westminster students reach their full potential by donating to the Ignite Fund today.