We provide grounded, holistic education with wide horizons and opportunities, so that people from every background can realise their true potential, contributing to a richer, happier society.

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Hardship Fund

Studying at University places a financial strain on most students but for some this burden can be even greater. The reality of coping with this might mean working long unsociable hours in part time jobs, reducing – or even totally prohibiting – their ability to wholeheartedly commit to their University experience.


Author: Amar Kataora

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Our students form one of the most diverse student populations in the country. Like our philanthropist founder Quintin Hogg, we offer opportunities to those who have the aspirations and ability to learn and to put their learning into practice in their working lives, whatever their background. However, there is more to be done to ensure that we can continue to offer these opportunities.




So many talented potential students miss out on a University education, simply because they do not have the funds to support the costs associated with tuition and living. For international students, or for those balancing family or work commitments alongside their studies, the pressures can be even greater.


Author: Amar Kataora

Target amount: £0.00

Amount raised: £0.00

Leaving a gift in your will

At the University of Westminster, we understand that your nearest and dearest come first. Once loved ones have been taken care of, a gift in your will can be a special way to ensure the values important to you can continue to positively impact students for generations to come.


Author: Amar Kataora

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