Developing talent for the London recovery at 29 Marylebone Road

We have been given the rare opportunity to recommit to our founding principle, to provide pioneering education to all, via the transformation of 29 Marylebone Road. The redevelopment is set to be the most ambitious undertaking in the University’s recent history, becoming a place where students, researchers and businesses can co-exist to mutually upskill and develop, invigorating London’s revival from the past 18 months. We plan for it to be a melting pot of ideas and technology, where the human elements of creative freedom and collaborative working, meet the digital infrastructure of today. All are set to benefit from 29 Marylebone Road, a place where one of the most culturally, ethnically, and socio-economically diverse student bodies in the world can equally turn their lifelong ambitions into achievable realities. 

The central London location provides opportunities for local business, many of whom are leading multinationals, to tap into, mould and empower the next generation of entrepreneurial talent, and in return benefit from the knowledge they are able to impart from their educational journey at Westminster. The building will also become the home of so many of Westminster’s most successful programmes, such as the Career Ready Mentoring scheme, Westminster Working Cultures and the WE Network. These projects, and the organisations that choose to interact with the University will benefit from the state-of-the-art infrastructure and digital capabilities housed within this one transformational centre.

How you can help  

Your support will allow us to develop a comprehensive range of activities within the site, and directly contribute to the recovery of the capital through the development of young talent, local industry and at-risk communities.