We are fortunate to live in a time when overseas travel has become a relatively accessible and normal part of everyday life. More than ever, students need to prove that they are globally engaged to give them a distinctive edge in today’s competitive job market. For many students however, being able to take advantage of learning opportunities abroad is an increasingly difficult prospect alongside affording other costs associated with their University education.

This is why we have established our Westminster Working Cultures programme, which gives undergraduate students the opportunity to travel to some of the world’s most extraordinary cities – including Hong Kong, Washington DC and Mumbai – to gain invaluable insight into the employment landscape and culture. Students learn through a variety of workplace tours and seminars in the region, provided by our alumni and partners. Students must apply to take part in this popular programme, and priority is given to students from lower socio-economic backgrounds who would not otherwise have had the means, or the confidence, to travel abroad for short-term work insight opportunities. The costs of flights and accommodation are fully funded by our generous donors, removing all obstacles for students to apply.  

“The valuable, insightful skills and tips provided by the speakers will help me, not only in my professional career, but also my daily life. After this experience, I will have the confidence of approaching people, learning new skills, building my network and taking every opportunity to grow so that wherever I may be in the future, I never stop believing in myself.”

Ayaan Seth BA (Hons) Business Management 

Hear from some of our students who have taken part in the programme and how it has helped them:

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By participating in Westminster Working Cultures Programmes, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture and hone the skills that will give them a distinctive edge in today’s competitive job market.