What impact has the Ignite Fund made on your university experience? 

The Ignite Fund has profoundly impacted my university experience by significantly easing my worries about the future after graduation and the constantly evolving job market. With this funding, I have been able to enhance my CV, gain valuable experience and broaden my knowledge base to something that other graduates in the same field may not possess. This support has enriched my personal and professional growth, giving me a strong foundation and pedestal for my career as I come to the final months of my master's degree. 

Moreover, the Ignite Fund has made me feel genuinely valued and heard by the university. It demonstrates that students’ success matters, even after graduation. This funding underscores the university's dedication towards not only education but out personal growth, goals, and long-term success of all students. By supporting our extracurricular development and career aspirations, the university has shown me its investment in our futures, providing opportunities that extend to learning beyond the classroom. The confidence and peace of mind this fund has given me are invaluable, empowering me to make the most of this opportunity, strive towards excellence, and approach my career with a well-rounded, fortified skill set. 

What challenges did you overcome to get to university? 

As the first person in my family to attend university, I had no one to guide me through the process. My A-levels were during the COVID-19 pandemic, making the transition to university particularly challenging. The year I joined was unprecedented, with widespread uncertainty about what would happen next. I had to navigate these challenges independently, completing most of my university studies online from home without the support of older siblings or parents who had gone through similar experiences. This was a completely new and daunting experience for me, but I persevered and adapted to the new learning environment, and I believe that I wouldn’t have the confidence I have in myself today if it hadn't been for overcoming this new experience on my own. 

Why do you feel that funding, such as that from the Ignite Fund, is important for students like yourself to have access to? 

Funding from programs like the Ignite Fund is crucial for students like me because it can significantly influence our career paths. By simply funding a course or a business idea, this support can change the trajectory of a student's career. When applying for jobs, many candidates may have the same degree, creating an even playing field. However, having additional qualifications or entrepreneurial ventures funded by programs like the Ignite Fund can give students a competitive edge. This funding has now set me apart from other candidates and demonstrates my passion for achieving my goals. Winning such funding also signifies determination and initiative, qualities that are highly valued by employers. 

What are your plans for the future, and how does the project contribute to them? 

I am moving to Australia shortly after graduating with my master’s degree in November. My goal is to secure a job in the field of construction project management once I am settled there. The qualification funded by the Ignite Fund is internationally recognised by a highly regarded professional body in my field, which will significantly enhance my appeal to potential employers in Australia. 

During my recent work experience with a building contractor company in London, I had the opportunity to shadow both a project manager and a quantity surveyor. They highlighted the importance of this Project Management course, noting that it is fundamental for graduates seeking employment in this sector. They advised me that employers often favour candidates who have completed this course, as it demonstrates a higher level of expertise and commitment. 

This certification will, therefore, provide me with a competitive edge in the international job market and align perfectly with my career aspirations. It will not only enhance my employability but also contribute to my professional growth, ensuring I am well-prepared to excel in the construction project management field in Australia. 

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