5 July 2024

The event took place at the University’s cutting-edge Computer Science and Engineering Innovation Space and was organised in collaboration with and sponsored by Netcompany, an IT services company that delivers business-critical strategic IT projects to public and private sectors customers across Europe.

Nominated by their supervisors, eleven students had the opportunity to present the results of their final year project to the representatives of Netcompany who acted as judges.

At the end of the event, four students received prizes from Netcompany worth £3000 in total. The remaining seven students received a certificate of participation and a voucher for their achievements.

The event also presented an opportunity for students to network with Netcompany representatives and discuss graduate career opportunities at the company and beyond.

Huseyin Dagdeviren, Senior Lecturer and Director of Employability in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, who led the event from Westminster, said: “The final year project showcase and awards were a great success. This event is a prime example of our commitment to working with industry to improve the student experience. It was wonderful to see our students proudly and passionately discussing their projects with professionals from Netcompany. The atmosphere was great, and the room was buzzing with interesting discussions and innovative ideas. Once again, I congratulate all the students who were selected to present their final projects; their hard work and dedication were evident in the quality of their work.”

He added: “I would also like to extend a huge thanks to Netcompany, who generously sponsored the event. We are grateful for their generosity and continued support in fostering young talent and providing valuable feedback to our students."

Hassan Shahzad, a Computer Science BSc student, won 1st prize with his project titled SugarCheck: AI-Powered Mobile App for Diabetes Prediction and Lifestyle Management. This project focuses on the development of a mobile application designed for the prediction and management of diabetes risk. It is an interdisciplinary project that clearly demonstrates the necessity of research in diabetes prediction. The core of the project is the use of machine learning-based predictive models to assess the risk of diabetes. The project has high research significance and can potentially develop into a commercially viable product.

Hassan said: “Winning the first prize is an incredible honour. I am proud of my work and grateful to my supervisor who guided me. This award not only represents my massive accomplishment but also serves as motivation to keep working on high-quality projects. I am grateful for NetCompany and the University of Westminster for providing me with this amazing opportunity and considering my award as the first prize.”

The other winners were Mayank Manas, who received 2nd prize for their project titled Hygrox P5 Oven Humidity Data Logger; Robert Olariu, who won 3rd prize for their project titled SAR Operations with UAV Technology; and the Social Impact Award went to Senath Gamlath Rallagefor for their project titled XVISION: Currency Recognition System for Visually Impaired Individuals.

Mayank said: "I was so amazed to see the work done by my peers that it made me want to relive my bachelors experience. Learning new things, meeting new people and trying my best until succeeding."

Robert said: “The experience was amazing. It helped me to meet some bright students that were part of Westminster and build relationships with them. I was also able to test my exposition skills and experience something that would take part in the industry. Overall, the event helped to build more confidence in myself and to be proud of the challenges that I overcame and the path that I completed.”

Senath said: "Winning the Social Impact Award at this FYP Project Awards Event is an incredible honour. It was inspiring to see such diverse projects, each making a significant impact in its own way. This recognition reflects the collective effort and passion of everyone involved. Thank you for this unforgettable experience."

Prajayraj Rathore, Senior Consultant at Netcompany and panel member, said: “The partnership between Netcompany and the University of Westminster has always been about fostering innovation and supporting emerging talent. This event was a testament to that. The quality and creativity of the student projects were impressive and inspiring. Students demonstrated a deep understanding of concepts and challenges, having trained their models to solve real-world problems across various domains, including Healthcare, Accessibility, Agriculture, and Search and Rescue. It was amazing to see the domain knowledge they built and the impactful solutions they developed quickly. The event was visually engaging, with neat and informative posters displayed throughout.

“At Netcompany, we greatly value our partnership with the University of Westminster. Your insights and fresh ideas are not just invaluable, but integral to shaping the future of technology. Engaging with the students and seeing their innovative approaches firsthand reinforces the importance of such events for both industry and academia. We are proud to support these talented students, as their creativity and dedication are crucial for driving progress and solving real-world problems.”

Simay Sali Sevik, Development Manager at the University of Westminster, said: "This is the third year in a row that Netcompany has sponsored the Awards Ceremony for final-year students from the School of Computer Science and Engineering. It is incredible to see even second-year students engaging with the event and starting to think about their projects for the next year. The Netcompany Awards have truly been inspiring for all students, and we cannot thank them enough for being an amazing partner."

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