There are all sorts of ways that you can support Westminster, and we are finding that considering leaving a gift in your will to a charity is a growing area of interest. As well as being tax efficient, the great thing about considering leaving a gift in your will is that it doesn’t have to affect you at all in your lifetime but can have a lasting effect on the causes you have chosen to support.

“I believe if you’ve got the money, it’s always good to give a little back to places you’ve benefitted from; to remember those which have helped you on your way and think of the future generations which you can support.” Peter Gordon TRANSPORT PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT MSC, 1994

A gift in your will help students cover day-to-day living expenses such as accommodation, food, study materials and travel costs, eliminating the need to take out extra loans or risk getting into debt.

Whether it’s £100, £1,000 or £100,000, any amount left in your will make a huge difference to the future generation of students who need that extra boost to reach their true potential. 

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