30 November 2023

The three-week campaign, which took place from 28 October to 19 November, involved 40 Westminster students contacting over 1,000 former students to hear about alumni experiences and raise money for the University’s Ignite Fund. The campaign provided students with the opportunity to speak to alumni about their time at Westminster and gain valuable career advice and support.  

The Ignite Fund, run by the University’s Development team, aims to provide grants between £150 to £1,500 to students, allowing them to upskill, try out business ideas and embark on opportunities to prepare them for their future careers. The Ignite Fund also enables students to pursue career-building opportunities and focus on developing themselves without the financial pressures of being a student. Westminster alumni showed great consideration for current students, helping ensure they can afford additional opportunities to help set them apart in the competitive graduate market.  

Jordan Scammell, Head of Development and Fundraising at the University of Westminster, said: “I’m delighted that this year’s campaign has been such a success, which importantly, will ensure an even greater number of students benefit from Ignite Fund grants to support their employability. The Ignite Fund continues to go from strength to strength, and this regular support from our donors really helps us to plan for the future of the Fund in years to come. Thanks to everyone who spoke to our students and donated.”

Ayan, one of the students involved with this year’s campaign, said: “The annual telephone campaign is an amazing and exciting opportunity to effectively network outside of your studies, build new skills whilst working together with others as a team. The support I’ve been given prior to the campaign has been fundamental in ensuring I was well occupied to make a substantial contribution to the University. Overall, would recommend this to all and to ideally be involved again in the future.”

Another student caller, Andre, added: “Participating in the campaign was both a transformative and immersive experience. It required patience and commitment and was a masterclass in communication and perseverance. With each call, my confidence and resourcefulness increased. Establishing a connection with various alumni, I accrued wisdom from some and a sense of direction from others. Hearing the stories of their respective journeys and being able to share mine created a sense of rapport beyond just a donation; of course, there was still a deep sense of accomplishment when the conversation led to them contributing. I connected and engaged, and the campaign's dynamic pace taught me the essence of adaptability and the power of a well-crafted message and verbal delivery.”

The success of this year’s campaign is testament to the value of the Ignite Fund and the difference it makes for students at Westminster. With more than 700 students supported to date, the Fund is growing from strength to strength. Having hosted a celebration event earlier this year, the Fund now contributes towards the Westminster Employability Award, further enhancing career prospects and has even featured in modules being taught across the University.

Amar Kataora, Regular Giving and Legacy Officer at the University of Westminster, added: “Once again it is fantastic to see how our alumni have made this campaign a success. With our student callers, who I am so incredibly proud of, seeing the past and present pull together to support the future is nothing short of amazing. It’s a testament to our community at Westminster and how we look out for one another and help when it matters most. The response to campaign demonstrates how valuable the Fund is and how instrumental it can be in providing students with opportunities they could otherwise not afford.”

The University is grateful to the Quintin Hogg Trust for their continuous support and matched funding offer, helping the University create a transformative Fund for the benefit of Westminster students.  

Find out more about the Ignite Fund and how you can support it.