26 November 2021

The three-week campaign, which took place from 30 October to 21 November, involved 40 Westminster students contacting over 1,000 former students to hear about alumni experiences and raise money for the University’s 125 Fund. The campaign provided students with the opportunity to speak to alumni about their time at Westminster and gain valuable career advice and support.  

The campaign, which is run by the University’s Development team, raised money for the 125 Fund which aims to provide grants between £150 to £1,500 to students, allowing them to upskill, try out business ideas, and develop themselves for their future careers. The 125 Fund also enables students to pursue career-building opportunities and focus on developing themselves without the financial pressures of being a student. Westminster alumni showed great consideration for current students at Westminster by generously donating to support our students to ensure they can afford additional opportunities which will help to set them apart in the competitive graduate market.  

Jordan Scammell, Head of Development and Fundraising at the University of Westminster, said: “I’ve really enjoyed this year’s campaign, and hearing from our students about the insightful and inspiring conversations they have had with alumni. Our alumni have been so very generous with their time and advice and, importantly, with the money they have so generously donated to the fund. It has also been wonderful to see some of our staff choosing to support our current students through the fund. Thank you to everyone involved in making this year’s campaign a success.” 

Student caller Evan Taylor, who is studying on the Film BA Honours course, said: “The annual telephone campaign is not only a flexible way to make supplemental income during studies, but a chance to network, converse with and gain advice from like-minded people in a similar field. It seemed daunting at first, but after a few calls, it became second nature. The conversations I've had over the course of these three weeks have been invaluable, and I'd leap at the opportunity to be involved again in the future.” 

As part of this year's campaign, students sent alumni who donated a personal thank you video to show their appreciation. These were greatly appreciated, with one donor saying: “These thank-you messages are much appreciated. People like my caller represent a broad outlook that is happily familiar and I am glad to support the institution that unites us.” 

Regular Giving and Legacy Officer at the University of Westminster Amar Kataora added: “Once again it is fantastic to see how our alumni have made this campaign a success. Together with our student callers, seeing the past and present pull together to support the future is nothing short of amazing. It’s testament to the community we have at Westminster, and how we look out for one another and help when it matters most.” 

The University is grateful to the Quintin Hogg Trustfor their continuous support and matched funding offer, helping the University to create a transformative fund for the benefit of Westminster students. 

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