Westminster has a strong entrepreneurial ethos, with thousands of our students either first engaging with the skills required to becoming an enterprise founder, or already having experience, a goal or a business concept to develop. Simply put, the more funding that can be assigned to the Self-Leadership Programme the more young entrepreneurs we can reinforce with the attributes and knowledge required to be long-term players in the world of business. With financial support this programme will be able to be embedded not only within business courses, but part of the extra-curricular WENetwork activities, reaching an even wider pool. Programme costs cover staff training & time, as well as psychometric tool subscription packages, but there are opportunities for corporate partners and self-made business leaders to share their experiences with our students also, providing real-life examples of resilience training as pro-bono support.

Entrepreneurs naturally seek challenges, innovate and push boundaries. They must make crucial decisions, deal with demanding workloads and complex multifaceted issues. Some stress can be stimulating, but too much pressure makes us think fast, not always well. Entrepreneurship can be a sprint that all too often ends in exhaustion. Those who have the capacity and skills to reflect, refuel and bounce forward will be truly career-fit. For this they need reliable maps, resources and skills for the journey.

The Self Leadership Program aims to provide entrepreneurs self-awareness and resources for bouncing forward, delivering vision, value, and reduced burn-out risk through:

  • Identifying factors that cause stress to peak and factors that help recovery
  • Spotting the warning signs of exhaustion and burnout
  • Learning techniques for better recovery
  • Exploring how resilience makes you more creative
  • Tracking and improving health and fitness effects

“In a world where leaders are dealing with unprecedented ambiguity and pressure for results, the ability to demonstrate resilience and bounce back from setbacks is becoming more recognised as a core capability. The University of Westminster Centre for Resilience is at the forefront of developing thinking in this important area of leadership.” Paul Donovan, CEO UCI Cinemas Group

The program last between 6 months to 1 year and uses:

  • Pro-grade physiological measurement and personalised guidance to support healthier physical and mental well-being
  • Resilience psychometric tool (The RQi) measures beliefs, behaviours and environmental factors that are proven to protect people against stress and burnout.
  • Four 1-1 sessions with a certified member of the Centre for Workplace Resilience coach to support their progress

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