Our students go on to make important changes – in their own lives, within the community and across the wider sector at large – and we are incredibly proud of what they go on to achieve after graduation. The support of our donors has, and continues to play, a hugely important role in enabling our students to realise their dreams and ambitions.  

In a dramatically changing world and ever competitive careers landscape, it is increasingly important that we are able to offer our students distinctive experiences which will transform their employment prospects and confidence beyond graduation. This is why we have created a breadth of projects to support this vision, which we hope you will choose to invest in and be involved with. 

Through these pages, you will see our commitment to providing opportunities for our students to engage with industry as part of their studies, whether in London or through travelling farther afield, in order to help them become work ready, globally aware citizens. You will discover how we are fostering enterprise and innovation in our students, through providing investment to make their bright ideas and business plans a reality. Above all, we hope you will share our dedication to creating a supportive and caring environment for each and every one of our students, including those who have left the care system or those who might encounter sudden financial difficulty during their studies.   

Continuing to make the very best of our location is also an integral part of our vision. The University of Westminster is situated within one of the world’s most loved and richly connected cities and we are committed to ensuring that our environment is highly accessible to our wider community partners, as well as our students. As a responsible, caring institution, we continue to invest in partnerships which not only share valuable knowledge, but ones which also combat isolation and social mobility within our beautiful city. 

Without the generosity of our supporters, the University would not be the progressive and hugely diverse institution that it is today, nor would we be able to provide so many invaluable opportunities to our talented students.  

Our ambitions remain high and I hope you will join me in investing in greater things to come for our students, our University and our wider community. 

Dr Peter Bonfield 

Vice-Chancellor and President