28 September 2020

The Tigerspike Award was launched last year to incentivise students to aim for a Distinction grade in their final year. Now in its second year, the prize which is available to female final year students, aims to encourage more women to pursue careers in the male-dominated tech industry. 

Udari Herath, one of this year’s prize winners commented: "I would like to thank Tigerspike for this award because I believe it is a huge encouragement for women in technology. I have always encouraged women to join technology because I believe this field is a flourishing field with many opportunities but, unfortunately, many women miss out on it. This award in particular directly aligns with my belief system on technology and education. Awards like this encourage more and more women to explore the world of technology and also motivates students like me to keep our head straight in the field and to keep learning and innovating. In today's world, technology is the most powerful tool, and donors like Tigerspike encourage brilliant young minds day after day to take a risk and pursue the unimaginable. Thank you again!" 

Abby Traynor, a prize winner from 2019 updated us on her last year: “Since receiving the award, I have moved from the technology company I worked with during my degree to Trayport. I was scouted on LinkedIn through Trayport's in house recruitment team as they noticed my award on my profile; this was mentioned specifically when I was initially asked to interview. I now work for an amazing team of people developing software to provide the primary network and data platform in European wholesale energy markets. This wouldn't have been possible without my award. I'd like to thank Tigerspike for giving me the opportunity to begin a very successful career.”

Josh Haagsma, General Manager of Tigerspike (Europe), said: "Tigerspike is delighted to again be able to offer the Tigerspike Prize to top performing female graduates in Computer Science. We're proud to be able to do our bit in encouraging diversity in STEM careers, especially now during such challenging times. We'd like to offer our most heartfelt congratulations to the winners, well done!"

Jordan Scammell, Head of Development at the University, said: “The team at Tigerspike have been fantastic to work with over the past two years. Our institution champions and promotes inclusivity, diversity and equality, and Tigerspike’s commitment to nurturing a more diverse pool of young people entering the tech industry is something we’re proud to support.

“It was great to catch up with Abby a year after receiving her award and to learn how it helped her to land her role at Trayport. Prizes like this really do help to boost our graduates’ CV and credibility in a competitive sector. Thanks to Josh and the team for their continued support!”

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