23 June 2022

AForce is a London-based company aiming to provide designers with everything they need from their concept to finalised pieces. They have over 120 individual machines, each dedicated to assisting in production. 

Although they specialise in leather, AForce covers a range of textiles with sustainability being at the core of their mission. They work consistently to create a more circular lifecycle. 

Alla Almasuri, Director and Founder of AForce London, commented on the donation: “AForce London is proudly collaborating with the University of Westminster to build high-end fashion brands of the future. As a luxury leather goods manufacturer, AForce London recognises the economic struggle to source the materials necessary for creative development. We are kindly donating 100sq ft of leather each month to the University of Westminster to support the students in their fashion careers.  

“We have proudly sponsored two Menswear MA students to complete their final collections at AForce London. The students could access a wide range of machinery specialised in luxury leather goods manufacturing as well as a vast collection of materials. This is only the beginning of our journey, and we are working towards many more initiatives that will not only unleash the creativity of young designers but will also significantly enhance their skills and prospects for future employment. A great appreciation for the University of Westminster for seamless communication, generosity, and genuine care to support the students in their journey to become exceptional designers.” 

Professor Andrew Groves, Director of the Westminster Menswear Archive, said: “AForce has been extremely generous in providing a group of our students with exceptional quality leather as well as their expert knowledge to assist them in creating some outstanding garments. It has enabled students to incorporate their exceptional quality leather into their new collections that will be showcased on the runway at London Fashion Week in June.” 

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