13 December 2022

The three-week campaign, which took place from 29 October to 20 November, involved 40 Westminster students contacting over 1,000 former students to hear about alumni experiences and raise money for the University’s 125 Fund and Hardship Fund. The campaign provided students with the opportunity to speak to alumni about their time at Westminster and gain valuable career advice and support. They gained a host of skills during the campaign which they will be able to confidently discuss in future job interviews, including rapport building, active listening, negotiating, and resilience.  

 The campaign, which is run by the University’s Development team, raised money for The 125 Fund which aims to provide grants of between £150 to £1,500 to students, allowing them to upskill, try out business ideas, and develop themselves for their future careers. The 125 Fund also enables students to pursue career-building opportunities and focus on developing themselves without the financial pressures of being a student. Funds were also raised for the Hardship Fund which provides vital assistance to students who, through no fault of their own, need financial help to ensure they continue with their studies and reach their full potential. 

Westminster alumni showed great consideration for current students at Westminster by generously donating to ensure they can afford additional opportunities which will help to set them apart in the competitive graduate market.   

 Jordan Scammell, Head of Development and Fundraising at the University of Westminster, said: “It’s great to see our alumni supporting the next generation of graduates, despite the current economic climate. More than ever, this support is essential for students wishing to upskill or launch a business idea. The priority for many students right now is covering the monthly bills, leaving little additional funding available for investing in their future. The 125 Fund provides a real lifeline to ensure our students have access to opportunities which can really help to shape their futures and help them stand out. Thank you to everyone who spoke to our students during the campaign, and for our students for making those all-important phone calls.” 

Student caller Sherin on the Biomedical Science MSc course said: "The campaign was so meaningful and rewarding for a student like me. It never felt like a job. I was able to listen to great stories from our alumni and received career and personal advice insights from them. We received well-rounded training making us capable to succeed. The team was always available to help whenever we faced a hiccup along the way. The pep talk, catch-up sessions, and games were all boosting our confidence. I would love to be part of any other campaigns in the future.” 

University of Westminster Regular Giving and Legacy Officer Amar Kataora added: “In a tough economic climate, where we are surrounded by the cost-of-living crisis, it is heartening to see how our alumni have contributed to support our students. Together with our student callers, seeing our community pull together to support each other is nothing short of amazing. It’s testament to how we look out for one another and help when it matters most.”  

The University is grateful to the Quintin Hogg Trust for their continuous support and matched funding offer, helping the University to create a transformative fund for the benefit of Westminster students.

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