6 June 2023

Formerly known as the 125 Fund, The Ignite Fund is looking to support even more students to access funding to realise their potential through a dream project, in addition to the 700+ who have received funding since 2016. The funding is made available by the generous support of alumni and friends of the University of Westminster, and further bolstered by the Quintin Hogg Trust which matches every donation to the fund pound for pound.  

The event was a celebration of how the fund has enabled Westminster students to unleash their potential over the years. For example, there was live music from fund recipient Csilla Jakab and photography of the event was provided by fund recipient Claudia Cantarini. Attendees were also able to see projects from this year's recipients of the fund, from combat robotics developed by student Sushant Barde, to a make-up range called TRUSKN by student Elizabeth Ola, who was also awarded the opportunity  to display her products in a pop-up store on Oxford Street on the same day.

Csilla performing on her guitar at the event

James Dodd, Ignite Fund supporter, said: “To give students their first few thousand pounds and get their ideas started is seeding the acorns which hopefully in time will grow into very substantial businesses.”  

Amar Kataora, Regular Giving and Legacy Officer at the University of Westminster, said: “None of this would have been possible without the dedicated support of our donors, who demonstrate their belief in our students and want them to succeed in their eventual careers. We could not have done this without them. Having them at the event to see the projects they have made possible and meet the students is invaluable. ” 

“The event has been so inspiring. To meet students who have benefited from the fund and what it has allowed them to accomplish is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together. Given it has been a while since we have been able to celebrate the Fund in person, this makes it even more special and memorable. Here’s to many more.” 

Students showing their projects at the event

To find out more about The Ignite Fund and the ways in which it enriches the student experience, visit the Fund’s microsite.